Our Story

How the idea began

One weekend afternoon, in 2016, after 4 hours baking with his wife and his 5 kids, Rodrigo saw his table, how his friends enjoyed what they had baked and he thought:

"Millions of people love pastries but don't have time, don't want or don't know how to bake."

Rodrigo Córdoba
TiGOÛT Founder & CEO .

A new home experience.

A dream

Rodrigo dreamed awake and thought¨ "I'm going to create a machine and a capsule that gives you the best pastries in a very simple way. I will create a new Experience".

That Experience is Tigoût.

He assembled the team and began this journey in August 2016 to make this dream come true.

A new travel experience.

How it works?

Each recipe has its own baking program. The capsules must be stored frozen. Place the recipe in the provided mold and then place it inside the machine. Choose the product you want to enjoy and press ok. That´s it.

You can bake 2 identical products at the same time.

The machine is connected to the cloud and updates recipes remotely.
With an App, you can turn it on and off. It will notify you when your Tigoût is ready to enjoy.

A new office experience.

4-12 minutes.

And you'll be enjoying the best pastries, freshly baked, at the comfort of your home, office, hotel room, VIP lounges, in-flight services or in the middle of nowhere in a motorhome trip.

92% of our customers would buy Tigoût to improve their pastry daily consumption.

A new hotel experience.


The TiGOÛT T3 works by air convection, baking the TiGOÛT pastry in 4 to 12 minutes depending on each recipe.

It works with Wifi-Bluetooth and can be managed through our App and from the display by selecting the chosen TiGOÛT recipe.


TiGOÛT recipes are their best kept secrets.

Combining premium ingredients, empowering flavours and textures. No additives or preservatives.

Meet the team

Rodrigo Córdoba
CEO & Founder

Serial entrepreneur
Co-Founder of LS2 Argentina
Exited LS2 Argentina (100x) in 2016

Maximiliano Raimondi
CFO & Co-Founder

Management & CFO for multinationals and SMEs
23 years of experience

Silvio Colombo
CTO & Co-Founder

Industrial Engineer
Strategic consultant in innovation and packaging.
20 years of experience

Agustina Madkur
Brand Manager

Master in Marketing
PR degree
+10 years of experience in Marketing B2C for multinational companies.

Mariana Sánchez
R&D Product Manager

Head of New Product Development Department. Food Technology Department. INTI

Meet the advisory board